COVID-19 – Wales - information and resources

Advice on shielding

This link on the Welsh Government website for advice on shielding takes you straight there.

Informing those who are vulnerable

Official information states that ‘all those identified as being at high risk of severe illness from coronavirus will receive a letter from the Chief Medical Officer for Wales. This is known as a ‘shielding letter’. Most people will have received their letter by 3 April but a number of letters have been re-issued and these will be with individuals by no later than 17 April.’

This link gives guidance on what you should do if you have not received a letter as GPs may still be working through their patient lists:

Local information from PID patients and the major immunology centre in Cardiff indicate that the sending out of letters was hit and miss, with some of the most vulnerable patients not receiving any whilst some immunocompetent people received letters. It is our understanding that the Cardiff centre rang every PID and SAD patient under their care and gave them individualised advice on shielding, antibiotic prophylaxis and treatment courses and sent out community FP10 prescriptions to all who needed them. Covering emails were also sent to those who requested them for work purposes, for people who had not received letters. The Cardiff immunology centre are managing clinical queries on an individual basis.

Help resources

Food deliveries by supermarkets

UK wide feedback indicates that some people in the highly vulnerable group are still finding it difficult to access on-line shopping services from all the major supermarkets. There does not seem to be a joined up approach of Government registration of highly vulnerable people to supermarket on-line market slots which is working to some extent in England.

Supermarkets are not the only answer of course. Lots of butchers and greengrocers, have started doing local deliveries so look them up online or just give them a ring. 

This information was posted on the 30th April 2020