Immunoglobulin therapy information sheet

You can download our patient information sheet on this topic here.

It gives details under the following headers:

  • What is immunoglobulin replacement therapy?
  • Will I be given the choice between intravenous and subcutaneous immunoglobulin?
  • What is in the immunoglobulin?
  • Why do I need immunoglobulin?
  • What tests do I need to have before starting immunoglobulin?
  • I heard that some people have reactions to immunoglobulins
  • Are there any other safety problems with immunoglobulin?
  • What do the manufacturers do to make sure there are no infections in the immunoglobulin?
  • What kind of follow-up should I expect if I start immunoglobulin?
  • Why is it important to record the batches of immunoglobulin?
  • Is it possible I don’t need immunoglobulin anymore?
  • What products are available?
  • How do hospitals ensure they don’t run out of immunoglobulin?
  • What if I want to go on holiday?
  • How do I ensure I’m doing home therapy safely?
  • Who can I contact if I want to discuss my treatment?
  • Provision of immunoglobulin within the NHS
  • Clinical guidelines for immunoglobulin use
  • More questions about immunoglobulin therapy?