BREXIT and the supply of immunoglobulin

With BREXIT coming soon PID UK is receiving many queries from the primary immunodeficiency and secondary immunodeficiency community about its possible impact on the supply of immunoglobulin (IG) to the UK.

Here we share different perspectives on the potential risks and the contingency plans being made.

Braced for Brexit

This article in the British Medical Journal covers the availability of a range of drugs, including blood products. You will find specific mention of immunoglobulin and the concerns of PID UK on page 2.

The Government's plans

Two reports have been produced: Brexit: medicines, medical devices and substances of human origin and recently this document for if there is no BREXIT deal.

Response to a Freedom of Information request

We would like to give thanks to Mr Gaffney, a CVID patient, who kindly shared with PID UK a response from the Department of Health and Social Care to his Freedom of Information request concerning standard contingency planning for ensuring supplies of IG and any additional measures that are being taken after BREXIT.  The letter can be downloaded here.

Contingency planning by pharmaceutical companies

PID UK asked UK IG providers to give statements about the contingency plans they have put in place to ensure continuity of supply and you can access these by clicking on the logos below.

Posted January 2019