Facebook groups and forums

Primary Immunodeficiency UK (PID UK)

The PID UK facebook keeps supporters continuously up to date
with our work as well as giving external news relevant to those with primary immunodeficiencies. The aim is to keep our community well informed and supported and to let patients know that PID UK are working on their behalf.


UK PID Patients

This group is for those patients with primary immunodeficiencies who are based in the UK and want to talk to and exchange messages with other UK patients.

UK PID Carers

This group is specifically for people who care for someone with a PID.

UK PID Adolescents

This group is for people aged 13-25 to talk to their peers without parents being involved.

Other groups

IPOPI www.facebook.com/pages/Ipopi/210249568990883?fref=ts

CGD Society www.facebook.com/pages/CGDSociety/296241460441934

Hereditary angioedema www.facebook.com/groups/156649074393978/

DiGeorge syndrome www.facebook.com/MaxAppealUK?fref=ts

WiskottAldrich syndrome www.facebook.com/groups/182401642673/


ChediakHigashi syndrome www.facebook.com/groups/335103431567/

Updated May 2017