Events and diary dates


  • Advances in Primary Immunodeficiency, 7 – 9th March. A Winter School Workshop run by the UCL Centre for Immunodeficiency- aimed primarily at clinicians looking after patients with PID, the program will focus on scientific advances in the basic mechanisms and management of PID.
  • Rare Disease Day, 29th February. Please visit this website to see the activities around the world.

Events in the UK

  •     Scotland - Holyrood, Edinburgh on 1st March.
  •     England - Houses of Parliament on 2nd March.
  •     Wales - Senedd on 23rd February, 6-8 pm. 
  • World Primary Immunodeficiencies Week, 22nd - 29th April.


Rare Disease Day Events

  • Scotland - Holyrood  on Tuesday 24th February, 6pm - 8pm.
  • England - Houses of Parliament on Wednesday 25th February, 4pm - 6pm
  • Wales - Senedd on Tuesday 3rd March, 6pm - 8pm
  • Northern Ireland - Lough Erne Resort on Tuesday 3rd March, 10am - 4pm.
  • World Primary Immunodeficiencies Week, 22nd - 29th April 
  • Immunology and Allergy Nurse Group Annual Conference 2015, 11th and 12th May.
  • European Congress of Immunology, Vienna, Austria, 6-9 Sept 2015.
  • International Primary Imunodeficiencies Congress (IPIC), Budapest, Hungary, 5 - 6th November 2015: Focus on clinical care and diagnosis.
  • UK PIN Conference 'New Entities in PID', Belfast, Northern Ireland, 19-20th November.