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Protecting national funding and standards for specialised services

PID UK is working with the Specialised Healthcare Alliance to help protect national funding and standards for specialised services within NHS England.

Patient engagement is important to help protect current services and you can find out how you can help below.

This a complex landscape but you can get a better overall understanding by clicking on the links to helpful sections on the Specialised Healthcare Alliance website below.

Service standards and role of Clinical Reference Groups

Clinical Reference Groups (CRGs) are responsible for preparing national specialised service level strategy and developing specialised service contract products such as specifications and policies.

The CRG 'B09. Specialised Immunology and Allergy Services', on which PID UK has representation, has produced service specifications for specialised immunology services that define what NHS England expects to be in place for patients with PID and other condition that require specialist immunological support.

Learn more about this CRG and download the service specification here.

Risk for Specialised Services

At present the funding for specialised services is distinct, from NHS England, and PID is included within that. In 2016 if the proposed co-commissioning with Clinical Commissing Groups (CCGs) is implemented, there are potential risks for clinical immunology services affecting patients with PID.

With the election on the horizon much may change after that.  There has been ministerial reassurance that a post-code lottery will not recur following any of the proposed changes, but the co-commissioning risk-sharing proposals suggest that near future budgets for PID could be capped at current activity levels.

In March 2015 PID UK signed the Specialised Healthcare Alliance’s open letter to the Prime Minister and party leaders calling for maintaining and protecting national budget-holding and accountability and retaining standards for specialised services.

What you can do to help

  • Respond to the NHS public consultation

NHS England is conuslting on a proposed set of principles which will underpin the decision making concerning the processes used to determine investment in specialised services.

You access this consultation that closes on the 27th April here.

  • Write to your MP and ask your parliamentary candidates for their views on important topic.

Posted March 2015